• We have moved our courses to Psyrec Academy new website.

Our course offerings:

1. Specialist Certificate in Psychoanalytic Therapy
2. Specialist Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy
3. Specialist Certificate in Person-centered Therapy
4. Specialist Certificate in Positive Psychology
5. Specialist Certificate in Coaching Psychology
6. Specialist Certificate in Counselling Skills
7. Graduate Certificate in Applied Practice (Focus on: Psychoanalytic Therapy/Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy/Positive Psychology and Coaching/Person-Centered Therapy).

  • Our courses are 100% online and it is designed for adult learners.
  • This is not an academic course, rather it is a skill based personal and professional development course.
  • These are condensed short 2 full day courses with e-learning components that can also be delivered over bite sized delivery mode.
  • The 2 full day course will be delivered via googlemeets over 8 hours in one day with breaks in between, supplemented by self-directed learning using the e-learning component.
  • Bite sized delivery would be over a 3 hour session in the evenings over 8 weeks.
  • A 3 hour session include 60 minutes of live-tutorial for questions, clarification, and review conducted via googlemeets, and 120 minutes of self-study using our pre-recorded video lectures and reading of class notes, and discussion questions.
  • The duration and pace of programme has flexibility and can be customised.
  • Courses are offered jointly by Rogerian Psychology Singapore and Psychology Resource Center (PSYREC Academy).

Our courses are accredited* and certified* by the following: