Sarah-El Low

Sarah-El Low, Masters in Health Psychology

Senior Psychologist

Chartered Psychologist

Certified Hypnotherapist

About Sarah-El

Sarah-El Low is a Chartered Psychologist with British Psychological Society, and is graduated with a Masters (MSc) with distinction in Health Psychology in 2001. She is also a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and Full Member of Singapore Psychological Society (SPS). She also has a Diploma in Human Nutrition, and Certification as a Consultant in Weight Management. She is specially trained in managing the body-mind connection, behavioural medicine for chronic diseases and health related issues, therapy for children, and elderly (with their caregivers), weight management, eating disorders, borderline personality disorders, stress management, therapy and prevention for depression, anxiety, family and relationship issues. As a health psychologist, she practices a unique combination of psychological therapies and food nutrition and/or supplementation to help with various conditions.

She is also a Certified Master Practitioner for Hypnotherapy, NeuroLinguist Programming (NLP), and TimeLine Therapy (TLT), endorsed by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, NLP and TLT.. Her treatment plan is highly customised, according to the unique needs of the individuals.

She was formerly a psychologist in the Health Promotion Board; specialised in therapy with children and teens (with their parents) in the Student Health Center (SHC) for weight management and various behavioural and psychological issues. She was also involved in the watershed project, where her team revamped the Trim-And-Fit (TAF – 2003) Club to the current school-based physical education programme today. In addition, she was also involved in the counseling and management of pregnant teenagers (under 16 years old). Under the special projects department in HPB, she conducted training, organised events, developed programmes, and undertook various frontline projects, one of which was research work for SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome – 2003), had first-hand information and data on SARS, and researched on the psychological effects of the outbreak.

Currently she is working in a government hospital and medical centre, focussing on helping patients to manage their physical condition and psychological states, in relation to chronic diseases, for example, diabetes, heart disease, renal failure, dementia. Recently, she has also been involved in the efforts of managing the current CoVid-19 pandemic. She is also involved in National workgroups and programmes under the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Certifications and Qualifications

Chartered Psychologist, British Psychological Society

Registered Psychologist, Singapore Psychological Society

Certified NLP Master Practitioner (ABNLP), American Board of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

Certified Master Hypnotherapist (ABH), American Association of Hypnotherapy

Certified TimeLine Therapy Master Practitioner, TimeLine Therapy Association

Certified Applied NLP in Business EntrepreneurshipBilly Kueek International (BKI)

Certified Applied NLP in Health, Billy Kueek International (BKI)

Diploma in Human Nutrition, Advance Learning Interactive Systems (ALISONS)

Certified Nutrition Consultant in Health Management, Health Academy of Australia

Master of Science in Health Psychology, City University of London, UK

Focused Population

Adult, Youth, Children, Elderly


Anxiety and Stress Management, Depression, Self Esteem, Work stress, Burnout, Mind-Body Connection, Weight Management, Eating Disorders, Smoking Cessation, Chronic Disease Management, Relationship Concerns, Personality Concerns.

Therapeutic Approach

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Behavioural Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, TimeLine Therapy, Motivational Interviewing.