Therapy Rooms to Rent in Singapore

Therapy Room Location

We are at High Street Plaza (Next to High Street Centre and Funan): 

77 High Street, #05-09, Singapore 179433.

MRT:               City Hall (exit ‘B’)

TAXI:               Stand: E04

BUS STOP:     High Street Centre – 04229;       

BUSES:           145, 147, 166, 197, 51

PARKING:       High Street Plaza parking is only available for season parkers. You will need to park at High Street Centre (next to High Street Plaza) or Funan (next to High Street Plaza). From your parking garage, get to level 1, and exit either building to walk to High Street Plaza (1 minute walk).

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therapy rooms to rent in singapore

How to Rent Our Therapy Rooms?

To rent our therapy rooms and for more information click here!

Rogerian Psychology Singapore
77 High St, #05-09, High Street Plaza, Singapore 179433