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Affordable psychological courses in Singapore


Affordable Psychology Courses in Singapore

Rogerian Psychology Centre Singapore partners with Nanyang Psychology Academy to provide accredited courses for professionals and community.

About Nanyang Psychology Academy

Nanyang Psychology Academy

CPE Registration: 201627066W

Validity: 23/8/2023 – 22/8/2025

Nanyang Psychology Academy is a Council of Private Education (CPE) Singapore accredited private education institution based in Singapore. Nanyang Psychology Academy offers affordable applied psychology and trans-disciplinary psychology courses in Singapore for the community for professional or personal development. Visit Nanyang Psychology Academy website here.

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Affordable psychological courses in Singapore for practitioners


Courses curated to meet the needs of practitioners with focus on applied therapy modalities, psychological testing, as well as other psychological and counselling skills.

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Affordable psychological courses in Singapore for the community


Courses curated to meet the needs and curiosity of the community. Topics focused on applied psychological, counselling knowledge and applied psychology skills for daily life.

Benefit of the courses

For practitioners, the affordable psychology courses provide the following benefits:

  • Refresh learned skills
  • Gain clarity in applied processes
  • Gain supervision and support in applying the skills
  • Learn advance therapy modalities with support and guidance
  • Gain competencies for new therapeutic modalities
  • Gain new skills and therapeutic processes for impactful client work

For the community, the affordable psychology courses provide the following benefits:

  • Gain knowledge of psychology to clarify your curiousities
  • Gain practical psychology skills for daily use and application
  • Gain awareness of human behaviour and improve your life and relationships
  • Gain awareness to effective communication skills with empathy and active listening
  • Gain knowledge and skills to apply psychology into business, marketing, economics, and other related profession
  • Gain knowledge about human behaviour and the society
  • Gain knowledge and skills to understand children’s development, behaviour, and other related concerns
  • Explore potential career change into the profession of mental health

How is the course delivered?

The course is typically delivered face to face in our training facility at 2 Havelock Rd, #05-19, Singapore 059763. However, the course is also available in hybrid mode (online/in-person) or 100% online.

How much would it cost?

Our affordable psychology courses are affordably priced, and installment payments of 3 or 6 payments are also available.

  • Course fee: $1400
  • Registration fee: $150
  • Material fee: $50

Installment payments are available interest fee over three, monthly payments, and also six, monthly payments with a token interest of 3% of the fee payable.

Duration of the course

Each course is 24 hours long, and conducted over 8 evenings.


The courses are accredited by:

  1. Complimentary Medical Association UK (CMA UK)
  2. International Association of Therapist UK (IAOTH UK)

For courses that are applied practitioner focused or applied business focused, the certificate is also accredited by:

  1. Continuing Professional Development UK (CPD UK)