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Why choose us?

Frankly because our prices are highly competitive, and our delivery quality is good. We strive to make sure that you are satisfied with our training programmes, and you will gain useful skills and competencies in the course.

Training Topics

Academic/Performance Success program topics:

  • Reducing test anxiety
  • Career related programs:
    • Career/major decision making, understanding how personality as it relates to work environments, interpretation of Holland Code or Myers-Briggs, Values sort
  • Effective academic strategies:
    • Time Management, Getting a Smart Start, Setting Goals, Reducing Procrastination, Avoiding Burnout
  • Impact of mental health on academics
  • Strategies to manage ADHD
  • Athletic performance enhancement
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Overcoming perfectionism
  • Building confidence and self-esteem

Belonging (Social, Engagement) program topics:

  • Healthy relationships
  • Developing your identity
  • Effective communication
  • Team building and cohesion
  • Conflict resolution
  • Assertiveness
  • Social Skills training
  • Effective Communication Skills

Diversity, Culture, and Inclusion program topics:

  • Impact of racial trauma
  • Ally/accomplice and accountability development
  • Introduction to prejudice, stereotyping, microaggressions
  • Reactions to current/world events/tragedies
  • Mental health within various cultures and identities
  • How to manage racist behaviours

Mental Health Awareness and Safety program topics:

  • QPR/Suicide Prevention
  • Basic counselling skills
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Psychological First Aid
  • Working with distressed students
  • How manage life transitions/major adjustment
  • Managing homesickness, home for the holidays
  • Stigma reduction
  • Peer counseling
  • Grief and loss
  • Depression & alcohol screening days
  • Toxic messages/norms that impact mental health

Wellness program topics:

  • Feel better fast
  • Understanding your attachment style and how it influences your current life
  • Being the best version of you despite being broken
  • Building resilience/Bounce Back
  • Reframing, Acceptance, Sustaining
  • Stress management
  • Creative stress relief
  • Relaxation/Mindfulness/Meditation
  • Eating and body concerns (e.g., mindful eating)
  • Binge drinking and drug problems
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Benefits of physical exercise

Marital / romantic relationship program topics:

  • The five love languages
  • Gottman’s four horsemen to predict relationship demise and how to improve situation
  • Technique, skills and natural intervention to overcome psychologically triggered erectile dysfunctions
  • Minuchin’s role division approach to manage relationship conflict
  • How to navigate codependency relationship
  • Improving communication in couples
  • Managing needs in the relationship. Your needs? My needs? Needs of others?
  • Increasing libido in a plateued relationship
  • How to manage a partner who has narcisstic personality disorder (NPD)
  • How to manage a partner who has borderline personality disorder (BPD)
  • How to manage a partner who has obsessive compulsive personality disorder (OCPD) or obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

Parenting program topics:

  • Discussing boundaries with kids.
  • Link between marriage and children.
  • Choosing a parenting style.
  • When you realize yourself as a parent.
  • Explaining divorce to children.
  • Important aspects of family.
  • How to influence your teens.
  • Improving parent-child relationships.
  • Steps to adulthood.
  • Loveless marriage vs. single parenthood.
  • How to manage your ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) child

If you do not see a topic or title of a program you are interested in having the Rogerian Psychology Centre facilitate, please contact us to request.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

— Nelson Mandela

What is the duration of the training programmes?

Our training programme duration can be customizable from a 1 hour lunch time talk to a 4 hour session to a 8 hour session to a 16 hour session to a 32 hours. If you have specific requirements for duration, contact us to request and enquire.

What is the cost of the training programme?

Rogerian Psychology Centre likes to keep our cost friendly to all our clients. Contact us to let us know your needs to request for a friendly quote.

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