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What is sex therapy? Sex therapy is therapy where one’s sexuality, sexual concerns and problems are discussed in individual or marriage counseling. It is quite surprising how many therapists that do couples therapy and marriage counseling don’t talk about sex. The reality is that if marriage counseling does not deal directly with sexuality, it avoids a central issue in the relationship. Also what does this really communicate? The message that is given when you don’t talk about sex in marriage counseling is “sex is something to be quiet about and is secretive, shameful, or too personal.” 

In Singapore, so many couples struggle with the topic of sex. Issues of shame, self-judgment and embarrassment are often times running forces when thinking or exploring sex. Feelings of being unwanted, not needed, unattractive, used, pressured, etc are all part of the experiences that people feel when sex is lacking in their marriage.  

As a result sex becomes this difficult and unpleasurable part of the marriage. The lack of pleasure usually comes from all the “work” that is being put into it, and the rejection, shame, or feelings of “not being normal” often comes up. What is left is a lonely couple filled with resentment and anger towards one another. Conflict arises on a regular basis and lack of intimacy between them is evident in all parts of their lives. 

This is when seeking out a certified sex therapist in Singapore may be an option to help improve your relationship, marriage, and most importantly, your self-esteem.

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is a therapeutic approach by a professional psychologist who can help with the mental or emotional aspects of relationship and sex-related issues. They have a thorough understanding of human sexuality and use psychotherapy (talk therapy and behavioural therapy) to help you work through sexual concerns in your relationships or personal lives. Sex therapists work with individuals and romantic/sexual partners.

A sex therapist can work with individuals or couples to help them resolve sexual difficulties in their relationships, such as unhelpful communication patterns, performance anxiety, erectile dysfunctions, confidence issues or intimacy concerns.

What Does A Sex Therapist in Singapore Do?

Sex therapists can help treat many kinds of sexual dysfunction that may have been influenced by psychological, mental or emotional factors. Sex therapist can also help with life and relationship issues related to sex. Sex therapists do this in a supportive, nonjudgmental, inclusive and safe environment.

It’s important to know that sex therapists don’t treat physical or medical conditions that affect sex, such as low testosterone for example. You may need to see a primary healthcare provider, gynecologist or urologist for any sexual function issues first to see if there are any underlying physical causes.

affordable sex therapist singapore

Why Do People Seek Out A Sex Therapist in Singapore?

Anyone may experience a problem with sex at some point in their life. Sometimes, these problems affects their self-esteem, marriage, and confidence level. While some people may be able to help themselves. For others, sexual problems can cause a lot of distress and unhappiness within themselves or for the relationships that they are in.

People seek out sex therapists for many reasons, including the following:

  • lack of desire
  • difficulty having an orgasm
  • pain during sex or inability to have penetrative sex
  • difficulty getting or keeping an erection or erectile dysfunction
  • premature ejaculation or other ejaculation problems

Sexual activity (including intercourse, outercourse and masturbation is a complex experience that involves emotional, mental and physical components. If you want and desire sex, sexual function is an important contributor to your quality of life. It’s associated with physical and mental well-being and relationship satisfaction.

Healthcare providers and sex educators break sexual activity down into four phases known as the sexual response cycle.

  1. Desire (libido).
  2. Arousal (excitement).
  3. Orgasm.
  4. Resolution.

Sexual issues can arise at any point during this cycle. Knowing how you respond mentally and physically during each phase can improve your sexual experience and help you pinpoint causes of sexual dysfunction

A sex therapist can help with the mental and emotional aspects of various forms of sexual dysfunction, including:

Sex therapists can also help you work through challenges such as:

  • Sex education and correcting miseducation.
  • Sexual trauma.
  • Feelings of anxiety, fear or shame related to sex.
  • Issues related to gender identity and/or sexual orientation.
  • Issues around cultural, religious and societal views of sex.
  • Improving communication about sex and intimacy between you and your partner(s).
  • Mismatched sexual desire between partners.
  • Relationship issues stemming from sexual difficulties.
  • Poor body image and its relation to sex.
  • Coping with and living with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
  • Hypersexual disorder (sex addiction).
  • Pornography addiction.
sex therapist in singapore

How Can Our Sex Therapist in Singapore Help You?

Rogerian Psychology Centre’s sex therapists can use an wide variety of evidence-based treatments to help people improve their sexual concerns, erectile dysfunctions, performance anxiety, relationship problems and other problems.

Typically, psychotherapy or behavioural therapy are used in helping clients work through their sexual issues. This may also involved building a talking relationship to establish and assess your feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Types of psychotherapy for sex therapy may include:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).
  • Emotion-based therapy.
  • Mindfulness-based interventions.
  • Couples communication techniques.

Sex therapists focuses on maintaining client’s confidentiality and privacy. In fact, it’s a part of our professional code of ethics of practice. Clients would feel safe and secure by being vulnerable during the therapy sessions as the therapist and client continue to work towards improvement of life needs, relationships, and sexual concerns.

What Happens During A Sex Therapy Session?

During sessions, you and your sex therapist will work together to identify and change thoughts and behaviors that are interfering with your sexual life. You may see your therapist by yourself or with your romantic or sexual partner(s).

Your therapist may ask you questions about your:

  • Health and sexual background.
  • Sex education.
  • Beliefs about sex.
  • Specific sexual concerns.

Talking about sex can be awkward or uncomfortable. Sex therapists recognize this and do their best to make you feel comfortable. As conversation is the main part of psychotherapy, you need to be actively involved in the therapy. The trust and relationship between you and your therapist are essential to working together effectively and benefiting from the therapy.

Your sex therapists may assign homework — activities and exercises that you do in the privacy of your home. This may involve experimentation, such as role playing, or exercises to build trust and intimacy — whether with yourself or with your partner(s).

It’s important to know that sex therapy sessions don’t involve any physical contact or sexual activity between you and your therapist. If you feel uncomfortable with any aspect of therapy, you should tell your therapist or stop seeing them and file a complaint.

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Before it gets worst, let us help you process and validate your feelings, identify triggers, stressors, and contributing factors that may have put you in distress leading to your poor sexual and relationship concerns. We will explore effective coping skills, stress and behavioural management skills or solutions that will help you excel better to meet your concerns effectively.

Seeking out a certified sex therapist in Singapore

Michael Thong, SRP(SG), CPsychol(UK),
Specialist Sex Therapist in Singapore

Michael Thong is an experienced and qualified sex therapist in Singapore. He specialises in men’s sexual health and have helped hundreds of couples in Singapore in improving their marital and romantic relationships through understanding and applying effective sexual health.

Stephanie Tak, MSPS
Specialist Sex Therapist in Singapore

Stephanie Tak is an experienced and qualified sex therapist in Singapore. He specialises in women’s sexual health and have helped many couples in Singapore in improving their marital and romantic relationships through understanding and applying effective sexual health.

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