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LGBTQ counselling Singapore
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One’s identity is crucial to how we live and how we are loved as we are. As part of the LGBTQ community, conflict within one’s self and social identity can lead to increased stress, discrimination and poor self-esteem. These concerns can be a serious impediment to their well-being, especially their mental health. More factors like age, religion, ethnicity and where they live can further add to the list of stressors.

Our certified counsellors and psychologist are experienced in assisting and empathizing individuals with LGBTQ alignment. We are fully aware of the unique struggles and challenges experienced within the LGBTQ community, and we are able to provide solutions.

Affordable Counselling For Any LGBTQ Specific Concerns

Research shows that people of the LGBTQ experience higher rates of mental health challenges than the general population (Fergusson et al, 1999). A recent study found that LGBTQ+ people used mental health services 2.5 times more than non-LGBTQ+ people (Platt et al., 2018). However, they are also at particular risk for experiencing anxiety, fear, shame, discrimination, and adverse and traumatic events. Their gender identity is a form of expression of themselves and being validated for who they are positively impacts their mental health. However, not many are able to embrace or recognize these differences and this often leads individuals in the LGBTQ+ community to feel stigmatized in society.

People who are part of the LGBTQ+ community experience a unique set of challenges that they must cope with. Some of these challenges are:

  • Sexual identity issues or difficulty in accepting sexual orientation.
  • Coping with other people’s reaction to their sexuality.
  • Facing Gender Dysphoria (gender identity and expression is not the same as the gender assigned at birth).
  • Transitioning.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Self-harm and suicidal thoughts
  • Coping with bullying and discrimination.
  • Isolation and rejection from family or loved ones
  • Coming out

​These issues can affect all aspects of life, primarily their relationships and career choices which can take a toll on their health and wellbeing. LGBTQ children and youth require juggling different perceptions about their identity, sense of self, safety, connection with others and health in school. For adolescents’ identity development becomes even more essential during this developmental phase and experiencing rejection may be detrimental.

affordable counselling for any LGBTQ specific concerns
Relationship struggles may be compounded by personal and social dysphoria.

A 2015 report by the United States Centre of Disease Control and Prevention states that gay and bisexuals’ youth are four times likely to have attempted suicide in the past year than their straight classmates.

Having support in life is extremely important to lead a healthy life. LGBTQ individuals often feel isolated and are afraid to seek counselling because of their constant struggle of being accepted. The main aim of counselling is to create a safe and non-judgemental environment for LGBTQ+ individuals to support their sexual identity exploration and identification. LGBT counselling can help them relieve stress by creating an empathetic environment for them to feel safe as they come out and transition towards their genuine self. Challenges that they go through in their coming out process can also be worked through therapy.

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Affirmative counselling plays a crucial part about truly validating an identity while understanding the reality of being minority, help building coping skills, helping the client to connect with affirming communities and making connections. It also facilitates the clients to empower them in their relationships and other facets of their lives while honouring the struggles that they face as a community. Counsellors and therapists also handle their anxiety, depression by finding increased self-acceptance, handle family relationships and deal with career complications. Therapy can act as a tool in their journey for good mental health.

This article uses material from WebMD and other useful references for LGBTQ issues. The article is for use of reference and information only, for specific diagnoses and treatment, please reach out to our licensed and/or certified professionals.

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