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Affordable Therapy in Singapore

Rogerian Psychology Centre Singapore offers counselling, psychotherapy, psychological testing services, education and training provider by certified and experienced clinical psychologists and counsellors.

We are a LGBTQ+ affirmative practice.

Affordable Psychological Testing Services

Education and Training

Rogerian Psychology Centre Singapore partners with Nanyang Psychology Academy to offer affordable accredited courses and training programmes to professionals and the community.

About Nanyang Psychology Academy

Nanyang Psychology Academy

CPE Registration: 201627066W

Validity: 23/8/2023 – 22/8/2025

Nanyang Psychology Academy is a Council of Private Education (CPE) Singapore accredited private education institution based in Singapore. Nanyang Psychology Academy offers affordable applied psychology and trans-disciplinary psychology courses in Singapore for the community for professional or personal development. Visit Nanyang Psychology Academy website here.

On a budget but need clarity?

Schedule a brief 30 minute online consult with our clinical psychologist at only $90 or our counsellor at only $80! Get clarity without breaking your budget.


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Rogerian Psychology Centre knows that inflation is hurting everyone, including us; however, we would like to continue to make quality therapy affordable for everyone.

We are pleased to offer you promotional discounts for therapy by participating therapist.

Our Psychological Testing Team

Clinical Psychologist Singapore
Dr Wong Ling Yuen, PsyD.
Clinical Psychologist (BCBA)
Senior Clinical Psychologist Singapore
Michael Thong, Senior Clinical Psychologist (Neuropsychology)
Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Singapore
Shakti Sahai, Clinical Director / Clinical Psychologist (General Clinical)


What We Can Help With

counselling & psychological service

Counselling & Psychological Services

Our counselling and psychological services include psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and psychological assessments.

employee assistance programme

Employee Assistance Programme

Our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) service – CareWealth EAP, aims to provide quality care and support for your employees without the hefty price tag.

training, personal, professional

Professional Development

Our training, personal and professional development programmes are designed for learners to acquire psychological knowledge and skills to apply to practice.

Need help before your first session?

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Quality Therapy at Affordable Prices

Occasionally we struggle with life’s challenges that make us feels anxious, depressed, stressed and tired, leaving us questioning our mental well-being. Talk to us to identify your concerns at your convenience, at a place where you feel safe, and at a cost that is affordable to you.

Meet our Psychologist Team

Clinical Psychologist | Rogerian Psychology
Sarah-El Low, Senior Psychologist
Shakti Sahai, Clinical Director, Clinical Psychologist
Michael Thong, Senior Clinical Psychologist

Meet our Counselling Team

Kritsamon Lertsuwan (Taya), Professional Counsellor
Adeline Tan, Senior Counsellor
Stephanie Tak, Senior Counselling Psychologist
Alexia Tan, Senior Counsellor

Concerns We Can Help With

Depression and MotivationStress and Anxiety ManagementObsessive Compulsive DisorderBorderline Personality Disorder
Addiction (Gambling, Gaming, Sex, Smoking)Sex TherapyMarital and RelationshipTrauma and Grief
Career or Educational ConcernsAnger ManagementCyberwellnessLGBTQ+ Specific Concerns
Workplace BullyingSelf-image and Self-esteem ConcernsPhobiaMental Toughness Coaching
Behavioural CoachingSocial Skills TrainingLife and Existential ConcernsParenting Concerns

Focus Areas

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Overview Most of the people follow a particular routine or they have specific morning or evening rituals. Some people enjoy keeping their workspace or home tidy and organized. But when we start feeling anxious because something is not done in a specific way or if we need to fight urges and irrational thoughts to repeat…

Borderline Personality Therapy Singapore

Overview Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is one of the least understood and stigmatized mental disorders, yet it is more common than many other mental health problems. BPD is characterized by a continuous pattern of instability in moods, self-image, relationships, and behaviour. The two predominant phenomena of BPD are uncontrollable emotional liability and impulsivity. They may…

Anxiety Disorder Therapy in Singapore

Anxiety, the feeling of fear and uneasiness, is something that is real and also necessary to help us survive. It prepares us for stressful experiences such as work performance, tests and making important decisions. As a result, we notice physical symptoms such as heart racing, breathing becomes more rapid, sweating and even trembling. These are…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You are ‘Rogerian’, is ‘Rogerian’ therapy your only form of therapy?

The short answer is ‘no’. Our name, Rogerian Psychology Centre, was inspired by the person-centered approach by Carl Rogers. That said, our therapeutic modalities extend beyond traditional ‘Rogerian’ therapy.

Our professionals are well-trained and experienced in a wide array of therapeutic modalities and approaches. To learn more about what our practitioners can do, please read here.

Is therapy for me?

Counselling and therapy is for everyone. Regardless of where you are on the mental health spectrum, talking to a therapist can only be beneficial. Therapy is like a mental health gym where you can go regularly to check in on your socio-emotional well-being.

When you feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges, we are here to help you process your situation and work towards healthier next steps.

What is the difference between counsellors and psychologists?

Both counsellors and psychologists are equally well-trained. The difference is in the area of their expertise. While both counsellors and psychologists are trained in the art of counselling and therapy, counsellors usually take on a more humanistic approach of focusing on short-term, brief therapy for clients with mild to moderate mental health concerns.

Psychologists undergo training in the clinical applications of managing advanced mental health conditions (such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, phobias etc.) by using assessment tools, and therapeutic modalities such as the psychodynamic approach or cognitive behavioural therapy.

At Rogerian Psychology Centre, our psychologists and counsellors integrate the humanistic approach with clinical skills to provide you competent care.

How do I know if a psychologist or counsellor is credible?

In Singapore, people seeking mental health help face difficulties navigating an industry that is not well regulated. This means that anyone, even those without proper training, can call themselves ‘therapists’, ‘counsellors’ or ‘psychologists’. This poses a threat to consumers as many are not able to tell who is credible enough to provide effective therapy.

To be a professional mental health practitioner, postgraduate training (Masters or PhD) in counselling or applied psychology is essential. Additionally, applied practice hours under supervision is also necessary. These supervised hours usually lead to some form of licensure or registration with professional organisations, governed by code of ethics.

In Singapore, the two main professional bodies are the Singapore Psychological Society and Singapore Association for Counselling.

Why is therapy so expensive?

Therapy is not expensive when you factor in the years of proper training, the skills they hone to uncover your underlying issues, and the methodical support your therapist will provide you as you begin untying your emotional knots.

Therapy is different from usual conversations you may have with your friends and family. Properly trained and licensed therapists employ a variety of therapeutic modalities to zero in on your issues, explore new perspectives and suggest useful interventions. Additionally, they give their undivided attention during sessions to engage you with unconditional acceptance, and collaborate with you to improve your life.

How are we different from subsidized options?

Long waiting times are typical of subsidised options, where practitioners may not be able to see you as often as they would like due to high demand. For instance, a person may see their therapist once every 2 to 3 months instead of a weekly or biweekly appointment.

Rogerian Psychology Centre offers a short waiting period between enquiry and your first session with your chosen therapist to establish how frequently you might require sessions.

Book Your Introductory Session

For selected counsellors and psychologists, a discounted introductory session is available. Refer to our rates for more information.

Some of the corporate clients we support:

Rogerian Psychology Centre is endorsed by Ministry of Manpower (Singapore) as an approved Employee Assistance Programme provider! Find us here (under Annex A – EAP Provider).

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Why You’ll Love Us

Because your needs are our priority. We don’t just “keep them in mind” (as superfluous as it sounds), we prioritize it by making sure your needs are the centre of the therapeutic approach along with your alliance with us.

  • Focus on rapport and relationship
  • Psychologically safe space and non-judgemental conversations
  • Reliable, effective, qualified, certified, and experienced professionals
  • Affordable pricing with discounts available
  • Service and client satisfaction oriented

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Excellent Service”

The therapy service is brilliant! I really hope some people are now using Rogerian’s service.

F. A.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Love the Rapport”

I am are very happy with the rapport that I have with SS and I find her extremely empathic and helpful.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Effective Therapy”

I’m really appreciating the quality and outcome of my therapy. It definitely gave me solutions I need.


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