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Migrants face unique challenges and have less support system


The world of globalization and growing economy has led to change in social and economic conditions throughout the world which has contributed to the rise in transnational workers. In Singapore migrant workers comprises of about one fifth of residents’ population and forms a vital component of the workforce. Primarily they work in construction, manufacturing, construction, and as domestic help. These workers face various stressors that somehow act as a barrier to adjust into the new environment. This makes them prone to mental health conditions, at the same time lack of mental health education is further leading them towards crisis.

Our certified counsellors and psychologist are experienced in assisting and empathizing migrants. We are fully aware of the unique struggles and challenges experienced within the migrant community, and we are able to provide solutions.

Affordable help for any migrant specific concerns in Singapore

A study by Singapore Management University in 2015 stated that 62% of migrant workers met the screening criteria for serious mental illnesses. Some of the factors that affect their mental health are as follow:

  • Poor living conditions
  • Threat of deportation
  • Separation from their families
  • Financial insecurity
  • Language and cultural barriers

These factors not always but sometimes can lead to illnesses:

  • Depression- poor concentration, somatization
  • Anger outbursts
  • Anxiety
  • Alcohol or substance abuse
  • Poor sleep
  • Post traumatic disorder
  • Psychosis

Mental distress has even more been exacerbated since past months due to Covid-19 amongst workers. They have become fearful about their health and job as well as inaccessible health care services. Another potential adverse effect on the mental health of these workers was the prolonged period of isolation with limited social interaction. In a study conducted by Yale-NUS, 2020 surveying 1011 migrant workers, it was found out that complete movement restrictions we associated with increased Depression and stress while diagnosing with COVID-19 was associated with increased anxiety.

Migrants are often overlooked by local communities.

Most of the migrant workers do not seek help for mental health issues as this concept seems foreign to them. Workers who approach health care workers are for their physical symptoms like headaches, palpitation, sinking of heart without knowing that they are suffering from mental health issues. It is difficult for them to identify what they are feeling and how they can get help. Culturally also they are considered as men who are sturdy and hard so they cannot come in terms with the fact that they are not able to handle stress. This factor further contributes for them to not seek help regarding their mental health.

Counselling can act as giving psychological first aid to the workers by giving them emotional support as well as practical help. It creates a safe space for them to explore their present problems by feeling more stable and assess what has happened or what is happening with them.

Get Help Now!

It’s never easy to seek help! But reach out to us for us to best help at support you. We understand cost is always an issue. If you are a migrant or an organization that represents migrants working in Singapore, we want you to know that we got your back! Session fees are kept at a maximum of $20 or FREE. Reach out to us for more information!

This article uses material from WebMD and other useful references for migrant issues. The article is for use of reference and information only, for specific diagnoses and treatment, please reach out to our licensed and/or certified professionals.

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