Porn Addiction Counseling in Singapore

Overview Addiction problems, like porn addiction, are deep-rooted issues that cause the malfunction of the brain’s reward circuit. Addiction can come in the form of alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, porn addiction, gaming addiction, drug addiction, or the likes. Instead of having a chemical dependency like drugs or alcohol, porn addiction involves a dependency on aContinue reading “Porn Addiction Counseling in Singapore”

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Overview Hypnotherapy is a term used to represent a technique that utilizes hypnosis as a tool to achieve state of focused awareness and concentration with the help of clinical hypnotherapist. To throw some more clarity on this aspect, we can refer to the statement of an expert hypnotherapist Diane Zimberoff, who says “we can compareContinue reading “Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy”

Migrant Counselling

Overview The world of globalization and growing economy has led to change in social and economic conditions throughout the world which has contributed to the rise in transnational workers. In Singapore migrant workers comprises of about one fifth of residents’ population and forms a vital component of the workforce. Primarily they work in construction, manufacturing,Continue reading “Migrant Counselling”

Cyberwellness Counselling Singapore

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